LSF v LSOH, is there a difference?


There is still lots of confusion within the industry over the differences between LSF (Low Smoke and Fume) and LSOH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) cables.

LSF cables, in the case of data, signal and control cables are made from a modified version of PVC and can still give off large amounts of black smoke and hydrogen chloride gas when burned.

Black smoke can obscure exit routes in the event of a fire and hydrogen chloride gas can be deadly to both people and sensitive equipment.

LSOH cables are those that, when exposed to fire emit no more than 0.5% hydrogen chloride. They are not the same as LSF cables.

LSF cables burn very quickly and give off black smoke. By contrast LSOH cables burn cleanly when exposed to the same heat source.

Worth remembering when deciding on the cheaper LSF option to save money or the more expensive LSOH option which saves lives.