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5308 Pt1 Ty1 ICAT

Individual & Collective Screened Non-Armoured Instrumentation Cable

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Publicly Available Specification PAS5308 is the replacement standard for the previous BS5308 range of cables. Primarily used for instrumentation and communication systems in the oil, gas & petrochemical industry, building management systems, power generators and waste water treatment plants.

Conductor: Plain annealed Cu, Insulation: PE (Part 1) insulation, each pair individually screened with aluminium mylar foil tape complete with 0.5sqmm drain wire

Metallic Screen: Collective aluminium Mylar foil tape screen complete with 0.5sqmm drain wire

Sheath: PVC sheathed, Sheath Colour: Black or Blue

Technical Data

Voltage Grade: 300/500v

Temperature Range: -20°C to +65°C (Min. Installation Temp 0°C)

Minimum Bending Radius: 6xOD (May vary depending on factory of origin)

Approvals: PAS5308 (formerly BS5308), IEC60332-3-24

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