General Wiring Cable PVC & LSOH
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General wiring cable PVC and LSOH

General Wiring Cable PVC & LSOH

General wiring cables, available in both PVC and LSOH variants, are used for a wide range of applications, including power distribution, lighting, and general electrical connections.

Introducing our advanced LSOH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) cables, designed to surpass the evolving safety requirements of modern infrastructures.

As a beacon of safety in fire-critical installations, these cables boast properties that minimise smoke and toxic emissions during combustion events, placing them as the most popular choice for safety-driven projects.

Embodying Safety and Environmental Care

LSOH cables are not merely conduits; they’re a testament to uncompromised safety standards. Characterised by their low smoke and zero halogen features, LSOH cables ensure minimal release of dense smoke and harmful halogens during fire incidents, significantly reducing risks to life and equipment.

Universal Safety Applications

Adhering to global safety norms, LSOH cables are a vital component in sectors spanning from healthcare facilities and educational institutions to commercial complexes and public transportation systems. Their exceptional fire-resistant characteristics make them indispensable for installations where public safety and regulatory compliance are non-negotiable.

Reliability Amidst Adversity

In scenarios where the resilience of a cable can be the difference between calamity and safety, LSOH Cables stand as a firm choice. Engineered with a focus on reliability, they provide stable electrical performance while prioritising human and equipment safety during unforeseen fire events.

Prioritise Safety with LSOH Cable Solutions

At Cableworld, the safety of people and assets is a top priority. That’s why our LSOH Cables are meticulously tested and certified, aligning with the highest benchmarks of safety and performance.

For professionals who understand the balance between performance and safety – Cable World's LSOH Cables remain the ideal choice.