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8723 LSF LSOH Cross Section



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Introducing the Equivalent Belden 8723 LSF/LSOH Cable – a true game-changer in audio, control, and instrumentation connections. Crafted to perfection, this cable stands as a prime example of innovation, designed to maintain signal integrity while preventing cross talk and electrical interference. Whether you seek impeccable line-level audio, low voltage analog signals, digital control, or computer communication, this cable is your ultimate solution.

Multi-pair audio, control, and instrumentation cables featuring individual foil screens to prevent cross talk and electrical interference. Common uses include line level audio, low voltage analogue signals, low voltage digital control and computer communication.

Experience the Belden 8723 LSF/LSOH Advantage:

Step up to the Equivalent Belden 8723 LSF/LSOH Cable – a cable that mirrors the excellence of the original Belden 8723 while ensuring compliance with Low Smoke and Halogen-Free (LSF/LSOH) standards. This means you get unparalleled signal clarity without compromising safety.

LSOH Cable: A Step Forward in Safety:

The LSOH aspect of this cable sets it apart. It adheres to Low Smoke and Halogen-Free standards, ensuring minimal smoke emission and reduced toxic gas release in case of a fire. This makes it a safe choice for installations in enclosed spaces where safety is a priority.

Choose 8723 LSF/LSOH Cable for Optimal Performance:

At Cableworld, we're excited to offer you the Equivalent Belden 8723 LSF/LSOH Cable – a solution that combines performance, safety, and reliability. With its individual foil screens and LSF/LSOH compliance, this cable is the answer to your audio, control, and instrumentation needs.

Elevate your connectivity experience. Discover the Equivalent Belden 8723 LSF/LSOH Cable at Cableworld today.

2 twisted pairs, Conductor: 22AWG tinned Cu conductor, Foil Tape: Individually aluminium foil tape (IAT) screened pairs, Sheath: Outer sheath available in a choice of low smoke and fume (LSF) grey, low smoke zero halogen (LSOH) grey or polyethylene (PE) black for outdoor use.
Technical Data
Voltage Grade: 300v / 600v available Temperature Range: -15°C to +80°C (Min. Installation Temp 0°C) Minimum Bending Radius: 10 x OD UV Resistant: PE: Yes, LSF/LSOH: No

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