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Neoprene Flat cables are suitable for use as both power and control cables for many different types of travelling machinery, the neoprene material provides improved flexibility when compared to PVC which results in longer cable life. Popular applications include: – Hoists, Cranes, Trolley systems, Transfer lines, Container bridges, Machine tools, Elevators etc. They are also suitable for other applications where cables are required to be bent to a tight radius in one direction.

Conductor: Fine stranded plain copper according to VDE 0295 Class 6

Insulation: Rubber compound

Sheath: 5G3M Elastomer compound

Sheath Colour: Black

Technical Data

Max Op. Temp. in Mobile Application: -35°C to +90°C

Max Temp. at Conductor Env.: +90°C

Nominal Voltage: 300/500v (0.6/1.0kv)

Test Voltage: 3500v

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