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YY LSOH (HSLH) Control Cable

The YY LSOH (HSLH) Control Cable is a highly flexible and safe solution for various control applications in industrial settings. Designed primarily for indoor use where mechanical stress is minimal, this cable is perfect for production lines, conveyors, measurement devices, and air conditioning systems.

Its Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSOH) construction makes it particularly suitable for areas where the emission of smoke and toxic fumes during a fire could pose a threat to life.

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Flexible control cable generally used for production lines, conveyors, measurement devices and air conditioners. For use in indoor applications where there is no mechanical stress. Low smoke zero halogen construction makes this cable suitable for installation in areas where, when subjected to fire, the emission of smoke and toxic fumes may present a potential threat to life.

Applications in Various Settings

Industrial and Production Environments

The YY LSOH (HSLH) Control Cable is ideal for use in various industrial settings, including production lines where flexibility and safety are essential.

Conveyor Systems and HVAC Applications

Its robust construction makes this cable suitable for conveyor systems and air conditioning units, where it can withstand the environmental conditions of indoor settings.

Compliance and Standards

The YY LSOH (HSLH) Control Cable is manufactured to IEC60332-3-24, IEC60332-1-2, EN50267 and EN61034-2.

YY LSOH (HSLH) Control Cable at Cableworld

The YY LSOH (HSLH) Control Cable is a reliable and flexible solution for various control applications in industrial environments. Its combination of safety features, such as the LSOH construction, and technical specifications make it an ideal choice for ensuring safe and efficient operations in settings where the risk of fire and smoke emission is a concern.

Discover the reliability and safety of the YY LSOH (HSLH) Control Cable for your control connectivity needs at Cableworld today.


Conductor: Class 5 flexible plain annealed Cu conductor

Insulation: Low smoke zero halogen (LSOH)

Sheath: Low smoke zero halogen (LSOH)

Sheath Colour: Grey

Technical Data

Key Features and Specifications

Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSOH) Construction

The YY LSOH (HSLH) Control Cable is designed with LSOH materials, ensuring minimal toxic smoke emission in the event of a fire, thereby enhancing safety in enclosed spaces.

Voltage Rating and Temperature Range

This cable operates effectively within a voltage rating of 300/500V and is designed to function optimally within a temperature range of -30°C to +70°C for fixed installations and -5°C to +70°C for flexed applications.

Flexibility and Bending Radius

The cable is highly flexible, with a minimum bending radius of 10x the overall diameter, making it ideal for installations requiring movement without tensile stress.

Technical Specifications and Construction


The cable features a Class 5 flexible plain copper conductor, ensuring excellent conductivity and flexibility.

Insulation and Sheath

Both the insulation and grey sheath are made of LSOH material, providing robust protection against external elements and ensuring safety in case of fire.


Voltage Grade: 300/500v

Test Voltage: 2000v

Temperature Range:

-30°C to +70°C (fixed)

-5°C to + 70°C (flexing)

Minimum Bending Radius: 10 x OD

Approvals/Standards: IEC60332-3-24, IEC60332-1-2, EN50267, EN61034-2

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