The Power of Assurance: Why Choosing a BASEC Registered Stockist…
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The Power of Assurance: Why Choosing a BASEC Registered Stockist Matters

In the world of cables, where quality and reliability are paramount, ensuring that you are sourcing products from a reputable and certified supplier is crucial. One sure-fire way to guarantee the quality of the cables you stock, buy, or sell is by choosing BASEC approved cables from a BASEC Registered Stockist. In this post, we explore the significance of BASEC approval and how it can make a substantial difference to quality and safety in the cable industry.

Ensuring Quality from Source to End User

At Cableworld, we understand that the integrity of the cables we deal with is of utmost importance. That's why we have chosen to partner with BASEC, the British Approvals Service for Cables, to ensure that our products meet the highest standards in the industry. By becoming a BASEC Registered stockist, we have taken a proactive step towards prioritising the quality of our cable products throughout the supply chain.

The Rigorous Approval Process

Becoming a BASEC Registered Stockist involves a meticulous and thorough approval process. Our management systems and processes undergo rigorous inspection and audit, ensuring that every aspect of our operations aligns with recognised standards. Additionally, cable samples submitted for market surveillance testing provide an extra layer of assurance, helping us catch any potential issues before they reach our valued customers.

Holistic Approach to Quality Assurance

The BASEC Registered Stockist scheme focuses not only on the end product but also on reviewing our procurement, selling, and compliance practices. This holistic approach ensures that the quality of the cables at our facility remains consistent with recognised standards and the specifications of the products manufactured at the source.

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Benefits of Choosing a BASEC Registered Supplier

  1. Consistent Quality: The Registered Stockist mark from BASEC ensures that the cables we supply maintain the same high levels of quality from the manufacturer to the end user.
  2. Protection of Reputation: By adhering to the BASEC standards, we safeguard our reputation and the trust our customers place in us. It's a proactive measure to catch and address any potential issues before they impact end users.
  3. Industry Recognition: Choosing a BASEC Registered  cable supplier demonstrates our commitment to quality and compliance, providing reassurance to the industry about the reliability of our products.
  4. Streamlined Processes: BASEC approval involves a thorough review of our processes, leading to more transparent and structured procurement practices. This ensures that our customers receive products that meet defined specifications and come from quality-assured sources.

The Five Steps to Assurance

  1. Submit & Review of Application: The process begins with a detailed application, including contact details, locations, and information about our operations.
  2. Quote Issue, Acceptance, and Payment of Fees: A quoted proposal tailored to our specific needs is provided, and upon acceptance, fees are paid.
  3. Audit Completed and Reviewed: Our facilities undergo an annual assessment, including auditing and sampling, to maintain ongoing BASEC Registered Stockist status.
  4. Surveillance Samples Sent to BASEC for Testing and Passed: Continuous market surveillance testing ensures that our cables consistently meet the required standards.
  5. Award of Registered Stockist Status: Upon successful completion of the audit, testing, and any necessary corrections, Cableworld is awarded the prestigious Registered Stockist status, complete with a certificate and listing on the BASEC website.


Choosing a BASEC approved cable supplier is not just a business decision; it's a commitment to quality, transparency, and customer satisfaction. At Cableworld, we take pride in our Registered Stockist status, knowing that it signifies the trust and assurance we provide to our customers. When it comes to cables, choose the power of assurance – choose Cableworld, your trusted BASEC approved cable supplier.