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Introducing the BS 6724 Aluminium Wire Armoured (AWA) Cable, carefully designed to align with the rigorous benchmarks of British safety standards. Renowned for its emphasis on low smoke and zero halogen properties during combustion events, this cable emerges as the gold standard for installations where safety and regulatory compliance are paramount.

Commitment to Supreme Safety

The BS 6724 AWA isn't just an ordinary cable; it's a declaration of our commitment to unparalleled safety measures. Built with LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) attributes, the BS 6724 AWA ensures that, in the unfortunate event of a fire, harmful halogen emissions and dense smoke are substantially minimised, safeguarding both human life and essential equipment.

Highly Safe, Extremely Versatile

Exemplifying the highest British safety norms, the BS 6724 AWA cable finds its pivotal role in sectors ranging from healthcare, educational institutions to commercial edifices and transportation networks. Owing to its stringent safety features, it becomes the preferred choice for environments where public safety and adherence to compliance standards take precedence.

Performance with a Safety Pledge

In the critical domain of electrical installations, where the resilience of a cable can dictate safety outcomes, the BS 6724 AWA remains unyielding. Designed with an emphasis on reliability, it delivers seamless electrical performance, all while setting the bar high for fire-related safety standards.

BS 6724 AWA

The Benchmark in Safety-Driven Solutions At Cable World, we blend innovation with responsibility. This ethos is manifested in our BS 6724 Cables, which undergo rigorous testing and certification, ensuring that they stand as beacons of safety and efficiency.

For professionals who prioritise performance and safety – Cableworld's BS 6724 Cable offers an unrivalled solution.

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For power supply networks in fixed installations indoors, outdoors, underground and in ducts. Suitable for areas where, when subjected to fire, the emission of smoke and toxic fumes may create a potential threat to life.
Conductor: Single core class 2 stranded Cu conductor, Insulation: Thermosetting insulation, Bedding: Low smoke zero halogen (LSOH) bedding, Armour: Non-magnetic aluminium wire armour (AWA), Sheath: Low smoke zero halogen (LSOH) sheathed, Sheath Colour: Black
Technical Data
Voltage Grade: 0.6/1kV Temperature Range: -30°C to +90°C (min. installation 0°C) Minimum Bending Radius: 6 x OD Approvals/Standards: BS6724 BS EN 60332-1-2, BS EN 60332-3-24, BS EN 61034-2, BS EN 60754-1 HCL ≤ 0.5%

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