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LV AWA power cables in PVC to BS5467

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Discover power in its true form with Cableworld's BS5467 Cable – your trusted ally for robust power supply networks. Designed to excel in various installations, this cable guarantees unwavering performance, indoors and outdoors, underground and in ducts. Whether you're looking to light up your workspace, energise machinery, or fuel essential systems, the BS5467 Cable is your go-to solution.

Empower Your Connections:

The BS5467 Cable is the epitome of power transmission. Built to provide a dependable link in power supply networks, it ensures that electricity flows uninterrupted, powering your operations efficiently and reliably.

Versatility for Every Setting:

The BS5467 Cable adapts to various environments. Its suitability for fixed installations indoors (where permissible), outdoors, underground, and in ducts speaks to its versatility. Whatever the setup, this cable remains resilient and reliable.

Choose BS5467 Cable for Uninterrupted Power:

At Cableworld, we take pride in presenting the BS5467 Cable – a solution that ensures power delivery you can count on. Whether you're in construction, manufacturing, utilities, or any sector demanding reliable power supply, trust this cable to perform consistently.

Unleash the power of connectivity. Discover the BS5467 Cable at Cableworld today and empower your operations.

Conductor: Single core class 2 stranded Cu conductor, Insulation: Thermosetting insulation, Bedding: Poly-vinyl chloride (PVC) bedding, Armour: Non-magnetic aluminium wire armour (AWA), Sheath: Poly-vinyl chloride (PVC) sheathed, Sheath Colour: Black
Technical Data
Voltage Grade: 0.6/1kV Temperature Range: -30°C to +90°C (min. installation 0°C) Minimum Bending Radius: 6 x OD Approvals/Standards: BS5467, BS EN 60332-1-2

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