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Introducing our premier Steel Wire Armoured (SWA) BS6724 Cable, crafted meticulously to meet the stringent demands of modern electrical systems. Acclaimed as a standard-setter in low smoke and zero halogen installations, this cable is expertly designed to limit toxic gas emission and smoke density in case of fire, making it the prime choice for safety-conscious installations.

Safety at Its Core

The BS6724 SWA isn’t just any cable; it’s a commitment to safety and environmental responsibility. Characterised by its LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen) properties, the BS6724 SWA ensures that, in the event of a fire, the risk to human life and sensitive equipment due to toxic fumes is substantially reduced.

Versatile Installations

Specifically engineered in accordance with British standards, the BS 6724 SWA cable is indispensable in sectors ranging from public buildings and transportation to power distribution networks. Given its fire-resilient nature, it's the ideal choice for installations where safety and compliance are paramount.

Assured Performance in Critical Conditions

In environments where fire safety is crucial, consistent performance can save lives. Our BS6724 SWA Cable is designed with this philosophy at its heart, offering dependable electrical conductivity while minimising risks associated with fire-related incidents.

Trust in BS6724 Cable for Safety-First Solutions

At Cableworld, we prioritise the safety of both individuals and equipment. That's why our BS6724 SWA Cables are rigorously tested and certified, ensuring they not only meet but exceed industry safety standards.

For professionals who prioritise safety without compromising on performance – choose Cableworld's BS6724 SWA Cable for peace of mind in every installation.

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For power supply networks in fixed installations indoors, outdoors, underground and in ducts. Suitable for areas where, when subjected to fire, the emission of smoke and toxic fumes may create a potential threat to life.
Conductor: Multi-core class 2 stranded Cu conductor, Insulation: Thermosetting insulation, Bedding: Low smoke zero halogen (LSOH) bedding, Armour: Galvanised steel wire armour (SWA), Sheath: Low smoke zero halogen (LSOH), Sheath Colour: Black
Technical Data
Voltage Grade: 0.6/1kV Temperature Range: -15°C to +90°C (min. installation 0°C) Minimum Bending Radius: 6 x OD (circular cond.), 8 x OD (shaped cond.) Approvals/Standards: BS6724, BS EN 60332-1, BS EN 60332-3, BS EN 50268 (IEC61034), BS EN 50267 (IEC60754-1) HCL≤0.5%

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