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3107 A LSOH Grey Sheath


Computer EIA RS485 cables, 24AWG

Discover the Belden 9842 Cable for your data transmission needs. Designed with precision, this high-performance twinaxial cable is ideal for industrial applications requiring detailed and reliable data transfer.

In the digital age, dependable data transmission is crucial. The Belden 9842 ensures stable and consistent communication, reducing potential data dropouts and ensuring smooth operations across systems.

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Wide Range of Uses

Compliant with industry standards, the Belden Equivalent 9842 cable is commonly employed in industrial and commercial data networks. From factory floor communications to intricate instrumentation setups, this cable provides steadfast and uninterrupted data links.


24AWG (7/32) tinned Cu conductors laid up in twisted pairs, PE insulation, overall aluminium foil screen, tinned Cu wire braid screen, 24AWG tinned Cu drain wire, PVC/LSF/LSOH versions in grey or external grade PE sheath in black.

Technical Data

Voltage Rating: 300v (600v also available)

Temperature Range: -30°C to +80°C (minimum installation 0°C)

Key Features

The Belden Equivalent 9842 Cable is engineered for excellence. With its dual shielded twisted pair design, it ensures optimal signal integrity and reduces electromagnetic interference. This makes it a popular choice among professionals seeking robust data communication solutions.


Belden 9842 Cable at Cable World

At Cableworld, we stand by the quality and reputation of the brands we offer. Our Belden 9842 Cables are rigorously tested to ensure they meet the high standards synonymous with the Belden name.

Choose the Belden 9842 Cable for precision, reliability, and uncompromised data transmission.

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