PV-Ultra® SWA
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PV Ultra 2 Core SWA
PV Ultra SWA 2 C 1

PV-Ultra® SWA

Multi Core SWA Solar PV Cable

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This cable is specifically crafted to fulfil the DC interconnection requirements between solar panels and other components within the photovoltaic system, including isolators and inverters. PV-Ultra boasts outstanding mechanical properties, enabling installation both internally and externally. Crafted with premium materials, it is designed to ensure an expected lifespan of approximately 25 years.

The cables are engineered to function at a standard maximum conductor temperature of 90°C. However, they are permitted to operate at a maximum conductor temperature of 120°C for up to 20,000 hours, provided the maximum ambient temperature does not exceed 90°C.


Conductor: Tinned Annealed Copper Class 5 Flexible, Insulation: Double insulated cross-linked and fulfilling the requirements of BS EN 50618 Annex B, Bedding: CarbonTek®, Armour: Steel Wire Armour (SWA), Sheath: SolarTek®.

Technical Data

Temperature Rating: From -15°C to +90°C

Standards/Approvals: BS7671


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