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PV Ultra 2 Core
PV Ultra2 C


Engineered to meet the specifications of DC interconnections in photovoltaic systems, PV-Ultra® establishes a reliable link between solar panels and critical components such as isolators and inverters.

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Superior Mechanical Properties

PV-Ultra® excels in mechanical strength, allowing for versatile installations both internally and externally. Crafted from top-tier materials, it is designed to endure and maintain peak performance over an expected lifespan of approximately 25 years.

Temperature Considerations

Tailored to operate at a normal maximum conductor temperature of 90°C, PV-Ultra® accommodates specific conditions, permitting a maximum conductor temperature of 120°C for a maximum duration of 20,000 hours, with a maximum ambient temperature of 90°C.

BS7671 Compliance

Featuring red and white core colors, PV-Ultra® adheres to the latest BS7671 requirements for two-wire unearthed DC power circuits (BS7671 Table 51).

Double Insulation for Safety

With double insulation, PV-Ultra® ensures that electrical equipment up to the DC connection of the PV inverter complies with Class II or equivalent insulation standards, as specified in BS7671 Clause 712.412.101.

Multicore Replacement

As a multicore DC solution, PV-Ultra® serves as a direct replacement for multicore armored cables, no longer recommended for DC side installations.


Conductor: Tinned Annealed Copper Class 5 Flexible, Insulation: Double insulated cross-linked and fulfilling the requirements of BS EN 50618 Annex B, Bedding: CarbonTek®, Sheath: SolarTek®.

Technical Data

Temperature Rating: From -15°C to +90°C

Standards/Approvals: BS7671

Enhanced Protection

Encased in CarbonTek® bedding, the double-insulated conductors provide additional electrical protection against steel wire armor. The final outer sheathing, SolarTek® PVC, is applied to all cable variants.

User-Friendly Design

PV-Ultra® mimics the appearance of a mains power cable, reducing the risk of accidental cutting. The inclusion of a yellow warning print highlights the live nature of the cables during daylight hours.

Installer Benefits

For installers, PV-Ultra® streamlines the installation process, eliminating the need for conduits in certain cases. It accommodates standard cable accessories, cleats, and/or clips.

Built-in Rip Cord

The cable incorporates a built-in high-tensile rip cord, simplifying the stripping of inner bedding and reducing the risk of damage to inner cores during the stripping process.

Termination and Connection

Standard MC4 connectors can be seamlessly terminated to the cores, ensuring a consistent termination and connection process to panels.

Direct Connections

PV-Ultra® enables direct connections from solar panels to the DC isolator/inverter, eliminating the need for conduit assessments or junction boxes.

Polarity Identification

Pre-colored cores facilitate easy polarity identification, and an identifying mark on the four-core PV-Ultra® helps distinguish between white and red cores.

  • Simplified & Faster Installation
  • Can be Installed Using Standard Accessories, Cleats & Clips
  • Can Eliminate DC Junction Boxes
  • No Need for Conduit

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