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Titanex® H07RN-F

The Titanex® H07RN-F is a high-performance cable designed for versatility and durability in various different environments. With EPR rubber insulation and sheathing, it offers incredible mechanical strength and flexibility, suitable for a wide range of applications, including challenging indoor and outdoor settings.

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Exceptional Flexibility and Durability

Featuring very high flexibility and crush resistance, Titanex® H07RN-F is built to withstand physical stresses in dynamic environments. This makes it ideal for applications where cables are frequently moved or subjected to mechanical stress, such as in factories and on construction sites.

Fixed or mobile, you can count on the Titanex® H07RN-F, perfect for cranes, machine tool connections or motor power supplies.

Superior Chemical and Oil Resistance

Resistant to vibrations and accidental chemical and oil spills, the Titanex® H07RN-F ensures consistent performance in industrial environments.

Enhanced Safety Features

The Titanex® H07RN-F cable is designed to limit the generation and spread of fire and smoke, with a fire reaction classification of Eca according to EN 50575:2014+A1:2016. It is also flame retardant, complying with IEC 60332-1, C2 standards.

High-Performance Under Extreme Temperatures

Titanex® H07RN-F can withstand a core temperature of up to 90°C and a minimum of -25ºC, ensuring reliability under varying thermal conditions.

Versatile Operating Voltage

Suitable for a wide range of voltages, it operates at 450/750V when mobile and 0.6/1kV when fixed, accommodating diverse electrical requirements.

Flexible Installation Options

This cable can be installed in various ways: in cable trays, on shelves, inside ducts, or fixed to walls. Its UV resistance allows for outdoor installation without additional protection, and it can even be immersed with additional mechanical protection.

Optimal Bending Radius

Titanex® H07RN-F offers a dynamic minimum bending radius of 6 to 8 times the outer diameter of the cable, and a static minimum of 3 times the outer diameter for cables ≤ 12mm, and 4 times for cables > 12mm. This flexibility facilitates easy installation and handling in various setups.

Wide-Ranging Applications

Ideal for fixed or mobile installations in industrial settings and event environments, Titanex® H07RN-F's robust design and versatile features meet the demands of various applications, whether that be on a construction site or at an event such as a concert, festival or sports game.

Safety in Challenging Environments

Its construction ensures safety and reliability in hazardous conditions, making it a dependable choice for complex installations.

Long-Term Performance

Designed for durability, Titanex® H07RN-F maintains its integrity and performance, even when used several times, offering a cost-effective solution for both temporary and permanent installations.

Customisation and Compliance

Available in multiple configurations to suit specific requirements, Titanex® H07RN-F adheres to the highest standards of safety and performance, meeting the needs of diverse installations.

At Cableworld, we're proud to offer the Titanex® H07RN-F cable – a solution that brings together durability, flexibility, and reliability. Whether you're working on a construction site or at a large music festival, trust the Titanex® H07RN-F cable to provide seamless connectivity.

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Conductor: Class 5 flexible bare Cu conductor, Insulation: Special cross-linked elastomer insulation, Sheath: Special cross-linked elastomer sheath in black, Oil resistant and flame retardant.

Technical Data

Voltage Grade: 450/750v

0.6/1kV in fixed, protected installations

Temperature Range:

-25°C (minimum installation 0°C)

90°C fixed and protected installation

60°C mobile installation

90°C max. conductor temp. in service

200°C short circuit

Oil Resistant: Yes

Flame Retardant: Yes – IEC 60332-1, C2

Chemical Resistant: Accidental

Waterproof: Yes – Good

CPR Class: Eca (According to EN 50575:2014+A1:2016)

Min Bending Radius:

OD= 12mm: 3 x OD (fixed), 6 x OD (flexing)

OD>12mm: 4 x OD (fixed), 8 x OD (flexing)


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