EV-Ultra® + Cat5e
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EV Ultra Cat5e
EV Ultra CAT5

EV-Ultra® + Cat5e

Innovative Electric Vehicle Charging Cable

Designed specifically for electric vehicle charge point installations, EV-Ultra® seamlessly integrates power conductors and a 2-core screened data cable within a double-sheathed design, offering enhanced protection for installers requiring both power and data.

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Versatile Configurations

Available in 3-core and 5-core variations, these cables meet the specific requirements of single and three-phase EV charge points. Suitable for diverse installations, including air, surface clipping, cable tray/ladder work, and embedding in concrete.

Regulatory Challenges and Compliance

In the absence of a recognised British Standard for these cables, installers face challenges when handling products not manufactured to national or international standards. According to BS7671, the responsibility for ensuring safety falls on the installer and/or specifier when equipment is not covered by a British or Harmonized Standard.

Full Third-Party Accreditation

Full third-party accreditation from BASEC provides a robust solution, ensuring that EV-Ultra® meets necessary safety and performance requirements. This accreditation empowers installers to demonstrate the cable's suitability without assuming personal responsibility.

BASEC Data Laboratory Validation

Positive feedback from the BASEC Data Laboratory manager, highlighting that 'the data properties of the cable had exceeded all expectations,' underscores the dedication of our Research and Development team. It emphasises the value added to the product through the BASEC accreditation process, enabling installers to showcase quality and conformity.

CarbonTek Technology for Enhanced Performance

Utilising specially developed CarbonTek technology, EV-Ultra® introduces a compound with high abrasion resistance, high impact resistance, thermal stability, UV stability, and enhanced flexibility. CarbonTek reduces installation effort, facilitating a quicker, neater, and easier process for installers.

Voltage Band Considerations

Regulations define Voltage Band I as levels too low to cause serious electric shocks, covering extra-low voltage (ELV) applications. Voltage Band II includes all voltages not in Band I, such as 230V supplies. Proximity of electrical services mandates insulation criteria for Band I and Band II circuits within the same wiring system.

Unified Power and Data Rating

EV-Ultra® eliminates the need for segregation of power and data, comprising power conductors and data cables rated to the same nominal voltage.

Electrical Interference Considerations

Addressing electrical interference concerns, EV-Ultra® incorporates screened, twisted pair data cables and a lay length designed to reduce interference. Third-party data testing under BASEC approval confirms the successful design solution, ensuring excellent data transmission without interference.

EV-Ultra® - Power & Data Combined (Cat5) at Cableworld

Unlock the future of electric vehicle charging with EV-Ultra® Power and Data Combined (Cat5) from Cableworld.


Conductor: Plain Annealed Copper Class 2 Stranded to BS EN 60228, Insulation: Thermosetting XLPE Type GP8 to BS 7655-1.3, Bedding: CarbonTek®, Steel Wire Armour: Galvanised steel wire armour (where applicable), Sheath: CarbonTek®, Energy Monitor Cable: Cat5e FTP—Foil Screened 4 twisted pair.

Technical Data

Temperature Rating: From -15°C to +90°C

Min Bend Radius: 8 x OD

Powerwall Connect

Seamless Integration for Effortless Powerwall Installations

The Powerwall Connect presents an all-in-one by seamlessly integrating power conductors, the 12V supply, and data cables. This cable provides a comprehensive and Tesla-approved solution for Powerwall installations.

Designed in Collaboration with Tesla

Powerwall Connect is a result of collaborative design efforts with Tesla, meeting their stringent guidelines. This ensures a straightforward and Tesla-approved solution for


Product Details

Power Conductors

  • Conductor: Plain Annealed Copper Class 2 Stranded to BS EN 60228

  • Insulation: Thermosetting XLPE Type GP8 to BS 7655-1.3

12V Supply

  • Conductor: Plain Annealed Copper Class 1 Solid to BS EN 60228

  • Insulation: Specially Formulated PVC

Powerwall Communication Port Data Cables

  • Conductor: Annealed Copper Class 5 to BS EN 60228

  • Insulation: Specially Formulated PVC

  • Core Colours: Yellow and Grey

  • Drain Wire: Tinned Copper

  • Screen: High Coverage Tinned Copper 'Super Screen'

  • Sheath: Specially Formulated PVC

Inner Protective Bedding

  • Material: Specially Developed 'CarbonTek®S' Material

Outer Jacket

  • Material: Specially Developed CarbonTeK® Sheathing Compound | Impact Resistant / Abrasion Resistant / Temperature Resistant / UV Stable

Weights and Dimensions

  • Overall Diameter: Approximately 19mm

  • Weight: 530kg/km

Powerwall Connect at Cableworld

Discover the unmatched benefits of Powerwall Connect at Cableworld. Ensure a hassle-free Powerwall installation with this meticulously designed cable that integrates power conductors, 12V supply, and data cables seamlessly. Trust in the reliability and safety of Powerwall Connect, designed in collaboration with Tesla to meet the highest standards.

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